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In May of 2013, I completed a 5-octave fortepiano (Mozart-era piano) based on the 1795 instrument by Jean-Louis (Johann Lodewijk) Dulcken, Munich, in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

This instrument is the culmination of roughly 30 years of planning and preparation, during which time my wife Reggie and I made several trips to museums in the U.S. and Europe to measure and photograph orginal fortepianos. I chose the Smithsonian Dulcken for its decent state of preservation, the inclusion of backchecks (earlier Dulckens don't have them), and its relatively simple mechanism, the only 'color' stop being the knee levers that lift the dampers. The original has a 5-octave compass (FF-g''') and is double-strung throughout.

Scroll below to see pictures of the original instrument, and of my copy.

Some photos of the original:

The finished instrument:

A view of the nameplate and keyboard:

I am currently taking orders for fortepianos after Dulcken--please inquire.

Dulcken Sound Sample

Click here to play the sound


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